Andrew Sasson

The Light Group Co-founder Andrew Sasson of Las Vegas

About Andrew Sasson

A distinguished hospitality industry professional, Andrew Sasson has launched acclaimed venues in New York City, Las Vegas, and Miami. He became involved in the hospitality industry as a teenager, when he began working at a restaurant in Palma, Majorca. After relocating to Miami, Andrew Sasson secured work at one of the area’s top hotspots, where he learned invaluable lessons about how to entertain and keep guests engaged. Deciding to follow his entrepreneurial aspirations, Andrew Sasson relocated to New York City and created Jet Lounge in SoHo. Due to the success of that venture, he founded Jet East on Long Island within a year. He also established Light, a restaurant and lounge in Midtown.

Sasson relocated to Las Vegas and, in 2001, co-founded The Light Group, which has largely revolutionized the dining and entertainment culture of Las Vegas. The group’s first club, Light at the Bellagio, brought bottle service to Las Vegas for the first time. Focused on creating a VIP experience for all guests, Andrew Sasson opened a series of successful ventures known for high levels of service and engaging atmospheres. These venues have attracted not only A-list celebrities but also a new generation of young jet-setters. At present, The Light Group operates more than 20 properties in Las Vegas, Miami, and Dubai.

Since 2011, Sasson has served as a director of Morgans Hotel Group, one of the major stakeholders in The Light Group. His company continues to open new locations throughout Las Vegas and established five new venues in Mandalay Bay in 2012 and 2013.

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