Wonder Project by Andrew T

Characters tie to theme

I think the theme that impacted my character is sadness. It is sad how August is being bulled just because of his face like how kids left mean notes in his locker . It is also sad how Mr.Tushman had to ask kids to be friends with August because  it is hard for him to make friends because his face is so ugly and that is why I think one of this characters themes is sadness.

Character influences

I thinke jack  had one of one of the biggest impacts on August for being best friends with August. I also think summer had one of the biggest impacts on August for sitting with August at lunch and for also being friends with Augus. I think August had one of the biggest impacts on jack because he got a new freind but he also lost freinds because of August. Augut allso had one of the biggest impacts on Olivia beacause her mom pays ation to August and not her so she is lonly and she has to take care of her self.

Art representation

name of picture:Loneliness of autumn     by:Leonid Afremov     I chose this painting becuse it is going on in fall and August reaminds me of fall this picture allso feminds me of August because this picture is lonly and August can allso be lonly because of his face.

Character Analysis