Andy does Flugtag.

We sent our newest intern flying off a platform into Lake Michigan.

Just kidding. Maybe next year...

Red Bull Flugtag pits visionaries, crafty folk, engineers and just-plain-nuts against one another in cray-cray attempts to fly homemade, size- and weight-limited, human-powered machines off a 30-foot-high pier, into a lake. You've probably seen the crashes on TV. They look something like this:

Don't worry, we think it's nuts, too.

Don't worry: we want to do it next year, too.

How pumped (read: jealous) were we when Andy told us he was going? Well, we tried jumping the car for the drive to Chicago. When he kicked us out, we made him promise to Tackk about the experience, report on the awesomest... ships (?) and think how Red Bull can give Tackk wings next year. Stay tuned to this Tackk for more on Andy's adventures at Flugtag.