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Laylah Brown
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Of the many factors that contribute to a successful future, an understanding of Personality Type is among the most useful.

While interests and skills change during the course of a person's life, the one thing that does remain constant is an individual's Personality Type - the innate way each person naturally prefers to see the world and make decisions. And although all individuals are unique, people of the same type share enormous similarities in the kinds of academic subjects and careers they find interesting, and the kind of work they find satisfying.

By understanding the role Personality Type plays, people can gain important insights into their educational, career, and relationship needs. And because people of different types often communicate in very different ways, counselors and teachers can learn which strategies work most effectively with each individual student.

Understanding you, Laylah
People like you are friendly, creative, and confident. Since you love to talk and tell engaging stories, you have lots of friends and acquaintances and are pretty easy to get to know. You love being in the spotlight and especially enjoy entertaining others with your clever wit and unusual sense of humor. You probably have little trouble adapting to change, and most people admire your adaptability. You pride yourself on your creativity and ability to see possibilities where other people can't. You grasp new ideas quickly and enjoy learning new things, but are easily distracted and tend to get bored as soon as the challenge in a project is over. While you are easy going and playful, it is often a struggle for you to make decisions or commit to one plan of action for any extended period of time since you are so curious and eager to experience as much of life as you can.

You are also a very logical person and are bothered by inconsistencies and unfairness. You love a spirited debate - regardless of the topic - but can sometimes be argumentative. Your spontaneity and enthusiasm is infectious, and other people often want to follow your lead. Since you like starting things much more than you enjoy finishing them, you often have trouble slowing down, preparing carefully, and following through with your commitments. Luckily, you are great at improvising and get a real sense of excitement from pulling things off at the last minute. You are also an excellent negotiator and can usually convince or charm other people into letting you have your way, or one more chance!

Note: Based on our assessment, your personality type is "ENTP."

Your Strengths and Blindspots:
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The key to finding the best path for all people is by using their natural strengths and becoming aware of their natural blindspots.

Your strengths may include:

  • Impressing people with your articulateness and enthusiasm
  • Being creative at selling yourself
  • Conveying a sense of great confidence
  • Reading people well and changing gears quickly
  • Being able to show a history of creative accomplishments

Your blindspots may include:

  • Not approaching things in an organized, well planned way
  • Not following through on important details or instructions
  • Having unrealistic expectations
  • Exaggerating your accomplishments or skills
  • Talking too much and not being a good enough listener

For a career to be satisfying for you, it should:

  • Give you opportunities to engage in creative problem solving.
  • Acknowledge your creativity, competency, and ability to improvise.
  • Let you increase your knowledge, competence, and power.
  • Allow you to work with lots of other creative, interesting, and powerful people.
  • Be done in a casual, unstructured environment.
  • Not impose too many rules or standard ways of doing things.
  • Encourage and reward you for starting projects, but not force you to deal with too many details or follow through.
  • Provide plenty of public recognition of your creativity.

Your Preferred Learning Style:
While ALL individuals are unique, people of the same type often learn best in similar ways. The following summarizes what you need in order to maximize learning.

  • A wide variety of activities and a varied schedule.
  • Plenty of interaction and group work.
  • A logical rationale behind ideas.
  • Continually presents new challenges and avoids repetitive tasks when possible.
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your competence in front of others.
  • Rewards you for your quick-wit and creative problem solving abilities.

Your Interpersonal Negotiating Style:
Everyone negotiates something with someone on almost a daily basis. Borrowing the family car, requesting more time to finish a research paper, deciding amongst friends which movie or restaurant to go to, etc. In college and in work "interpersonal negotiating" becomes substantially more significant. Here are your possible strengths and blindspots with this process:

Possible Strengths

  • Creative problem solver; see possibilities and options.
  • Extremely perceptive about people; understands their motives and how to reach them.
  • Quick and flexible; can shift gears quickly when necessary.
  • Charming and charismatic; can be very entertaining and persuasive.
  • Quick study; can absorb and integrate concepts and information quickly.

Possible Blindspots

  • May not prepare yourself adequately, often prefer to "wing it".
  • May not be attentive listener and may miss important information.
  • May not be as interested in details and specifics of issues.
  • May be unreliable and unrealistic and promise more than you can deliver.
  • May have trouble committing to a decision and performing necessary following through.

Potential careers and majors for you to consider:
The careers listed below are all linked to your personality type and are organized by career cluster you have indicated most to least interested in. While there is never a guarantee, people of your type have indicated job satisfaction with these careers.