Mrs. Arnold's


Student of the Month
Camora Johnson!

Camora Johnson was voted student of the month in Mrs. Arnold's class.  Her classmates insist she is very sweet and kind to everyone!  She never comes to school grumpy and always has a smile on her face.  She is a good listener and always wants to please her teacher.  I am so proud of the work that Camora does and I am glad that she is a part of our class!  Congratulations Camora!

We've been very busy.  Everyone has been working hard and we're getting a lot smarter!
Read on to find out about our exciting news!

   * Writing*
We are learning how to write a friendly letter and the structure of an opinion text.

* Math *
We are learning how to tell time.

Capitalize appropriate words in titles & form and use possessive nouns.

Science Fair Winners!
I am so proud of all their efforts!

Connor Waters First Place Environmental Scie
Joseph Lewis 2nd Place Environmental Science
Drake Ferguson 2nd Place Physical Science
Karyn Kirby 2nd Place Medical & Health
Jaycee Key 3rd Place Medical & Health

Miss Magnolia came to visit us and read a book!