Angela Kisler - A Professional Background

Angela Kisler is a proven and experienced real estate professional. Currently a dedicated real estate agent for Keller Williams Realty, Kisler continues to be one of the leading real estate experts in the local region, and to provide clients the focused services, work ethic and performance needed to achieve the best results possible.

Kisler’s career in professional real estate began in 2004, the year she became a part of the Century21 Bradley team. A talented Century21 sales professional, Angela Kisler quickly proved herself to be an invaluable addition to the team, consistently demonstrating the ability to both set and surpass significant sales goals. Working in the areas of commercial real estate, new homes construction and development, real estate home sales, reference and referral services and more, Kisler was awarded Million Dollar Club honors for three straight years between 2005 and 2007, and was continually recognized for performance, her work ethic and her ability to pursue the best for every client.

Angela Kisler next served as Public Relations Coordinator for various nonprofit stores throughout the4 region, coordinating both workshops and PR presentations for organizations, and providing high-quality services in the fields of advertising, commercial underwriting, store presentations, portfolio design/set-up, off-site sales and presentations and more. She served as PR Coordinator from 2008 to 2011, shortly before accepting the position of Business Account Director with Verizon.

As Verizon Business Account Director, Kisler worked one-on-one in business contracting with partnering companies, and provided quality sales and marketing support, event and booth planning, coordination of PR community development programs and more. She would later join Mikalor Industries, where she served as a Regional Business Sales professional from 2013 to 2014.

Angela Kisler - Business Professional, Mother, Artist

Angela Kisler

Angela Kisler enjoys success in a variety of roles. Not only is Kisler an accomplished and award-winning real estate professional; she is also the proud mother of two successful children, each of which have grown to become happy and healthy young adults. Kisler is also known to possess considerable athletic and artistic prowess, a passionate enthusiast of running, biking and marathons who is also a skilled violinist, drawer and oil painter.

As an accomplished real estate professional, Angela Kisler has become an established leader in the local business community, and continues to provide her clients the same superlative, goal-oriented services and sales that have garnered her considerable industry recognition and reward throughout the course of her career. Her reputation, however, isn’t only one of a proven business and real estate leader, as Kisler has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to active community involvement, one that has been of great benefit to nonprofit organizations, projects and programs throughout the area.

Angela Kisler may continually demonstrate significant business prowess and considerable philanthropic generosity, though her true passion lies in spending quality time with her family, whether that be through boating, skiing or through friendly dinner conversation over a great, home-cooked meal. The opportunity to spend time with the people she loves is perhaps the most rewarding experience for Kisler.

Kisler, a known talent on the violin, is also a regular patron of the arts, and rarely misses the opportunity to visit a local art exhibit or museum in the local region. She also has a passion for antiques and for antique shopping.

Angela Kisler - An Outgoing Personality

Angela Kisler

Angela Kisler has long since earned the reputation as professional success, both in the fields of professional sales and in real estate. A proven leader with an impressive skillset, as well as a notable resume of accomplishment, Kisler is well-established in both professions, and continues to demonstrate the work ethic, drive and determination to be a successful member of the business community for many years to come.

Much of the reason for Angela Kisler’s considerable business success is her way with people. An outgoing, positive and compassionate local professional, Kisler is always seeking ways to both interact and provide service to clients, friends and the less fortunate throughout the local community; to add value to people’s lives and build both personal and professional relationships that will last a lifetime. Kisler is constantly looking for ways to help and benefit those around her, and to share a smile, a laugh and a helping hand to anyone in need.

Angela Kisler stands out from others because of her commitment to enhancing and improving the quality of other people’s lives, a quality that has helped her become not only a success in real estate and in sales, but also as a noted philanthropist within the local charitable community. Kisler, a caring individual with a passion for giving back, enjoys the chance to make an impact, and to cultivate and establish lifelong connections with everyone. She holds herself to incredibly high standards, maintaining a personable and professional approach with people in the business and nonprofit communities.

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