Angela Kisler - PR Professional in Fort Wayne, IN

A resident of Fort Wayne, IN, Angela Kisler has worked in the areas of public relations, customer service, and sales since 1994. She started out as a sales professional at two companies in St. Louis, Missouri. Later, she worked for the YMCA/Arlington Park Elementary Kindergarten Enrichment Program as a director, before being promoted to curriculum coordinator. Furthermore, she accrued experience in real estate while working for Century 21 Bradley Real Estate from 2003 to 2007. Angela Kisler served as a new homes and new construction sales representative, and worked with referrals as well as relocation clients.

Today, her primary professional focus lies in business sales management and public relations. Among her notable PR assignments has been her work for Ten Thousand Villages, a non-profit organization that partners with disadvantaged artisans and craftsmen, and assists them to get a foothold in the North American market. Ms. Kisler performed public relations, advertising, and commercial underwriting duties for the organization.

When not at work, the public relations professional enjoys running writing, golfing, painting, going to history museums, and listening to jazz music.

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