Angela Melvin

Proven Fundraiser and Experienced Journalist

About Angela Melvin

A familiar face to commuters in her hometown of Fort Myers, Florida, Angela Melvin presents traffic news in the mornings on Fox 4 WFTX-TV. She spends much of her offscreen time working to help the children of Lee County as director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast. In this role, Angela Melvin has secured partnerships with the Boston Red Sox, Costco, and other major institutional partners.

Melvin also excels at fundraising, and has built relationships with donors that have yielded hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the group’s programs. One of her greatest successes was the Chefs Cooking for Kids event in 2013, which raised $60,000 in a day.

Before joining Big Brothers Big Sisters and Fox 4, Angela Melvin worked as a communications director for a well-known member of Florida’s congressional delegation in Washington, DC. Prior to that, she held several anchor and reporter roles at television stations in Florida and Georgia. Melvin’s former managers and colleagues describe her as a compassionate leader, a steady hand in stressful situations, and a skillful journalist capable of blending technical and editorial skills to create original content.

The Wendt Center’s Camp Forget-Me-Not/Camp Erin DC

In June 2014, the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing held its annual Camp Forget-Me-Not/Camp Erin DC. A specialty camp designed for children coping with the loss of a loved one, Camp Forget-Me-Not/Camp Erin DC promotes self-expression and openness in a safe environment. The camp adheres to the belief that every child will heal on his or her own time, that grief is a normal and healthy process, and that genuine caring and listening play a vital role in the healing process.

At Camp Forget-Me-Not/Camp Erin DC, each camper joins an adult buddy, who accompanies the child throughout the weekend and provides individual support. In addition, professional licensed therapists lead group therapy sessions and address the age-specific needs of children at the camp. The camp also offers a number of outdoor activities, including swimming, canoeing, and a ropes course. Other activities include drumming and music, therapeutic art, meditation, playback theater, and seining.

Three Twitter Tips for Political Candidates

When it comes to political campaigns, social media represents one of the most valuable outreach and image-building tools you can use. Here are three quick tips to help you put your best foot forward on Twitter.

Claim your user name: Simply put, you should claim your @YourCampaign name as soon as you possibly can. Even if you don’t plan to use Twitter right away, claiming your name early prevents others from picking it up.

Post relevant material: Especially as a political candidate, you should make sure to stay on topic at all times. As a general rule, you should only post things that contribute to your overall image or help you express your beliefs in a concise way.

Update regularly: As a candidate for public office, you want to stay in touch with your constituents as much as possible. Update your Twitter account regularly, be it every few hours, daily, or a few times per week.

Tips for Launching a Career in Broadcast Journalism

Launching a career in broadcast journalism can seem overwhelming, but you can significantly raise your chances of success by keeping a few tips in mind. The field of news broadcasting remains extremely competitive, so it is essential to focus on standing out from the crowd. This entails learning how to uncover unique and engaging stories.

Begin by finding information that no one else has discovered. To do this, talk to the people other journalists ignore, which involves going to the places that other journalists overlook. You won’t uncover new information by speaking only with your circle of friends. Going farther afield and listening carefully can yield surprising results.

The best broadcast journalists are also great writers. By developing solid writing skills, you learn how to express information in an engaging and informative manner. Becoming a strong writer also involves developing a unique voice. The most successful journalists have a strong voice that becomes a signature of their reporting style.

Using Twitter Effectively for Marketing Purposes

The Twitter platform, where so much is said with a very limited number of characters, offers a unique and challenging way of communicating. People tweeting for business and marketing purposes need to get the most out of a brief sentence or two, creating familiarity with their audience while providing new information. For this reason, Twitter users need to walk a careful line between saying what the audience wants to hear and adding in extra information about what the tweet is promoting. It can be useful to experiment with different ways of formulating the same message to see which version generates the greatest response.

Communication also involves active engagement with the community through skillful replies, retweets, and mentions that expand the professional network to include new individuals and organizations. The key to building and expanding a network is strategically following other Twitter users and offering distinctive, quality content that individuals want to read.

Embedding links provides another way to promote a particular message. Rather than spelling out everything in the limited characters of a tweet, individuals can offer teaser text and link to a more thorough explanation of the idea on a blog or website.

Uncommon Friends, Uncommon Scholars - UFF Scholarship Opportunities

Since it began in 1993, the Uncommon Friends Foundation has succeeded in a wide range of philanthropic activities. One of its goals is to help children obtain a good education. To that end, the organization offers numerous scholarships that provide assistance to students in the Florida region and across the nation. The organization’s most generous scholarship, offered in conjunction with the Florida Prepaid College Foundation, provides two years of tuition to ninth graders to attend a state college after meeting character and scholastic standards.

Many of its other scholarships focus on providing enough aid for students to purchase books and other supplies. The foundation has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America to offer $400 to qualifying Eagle Scouts in their first year of college, and it offers a $600 scholarship for single parents seeking to further their education despite considerable obstacles. While most of the scholarships focus on undergraduate education, the High Tech Center Scholarship targets students attending high-tech centers, while the Lee County Bar Association Scholarship provides assistance to students at Florida law schools.

For more information on the foundation’s scholarships, as well as details on how to apply, visit

Key Advice for Using Twitter to Promote a Business or Organization

Twitter remains one of the best social networks for promoting a business or organization. To make the most of Twitter, organizations need to ensure that their account includes the right keywords in the biography so that search engines can find it. Keywords can appeal to industries, geographic locations, and more.

Once an account is established, individuals should ensure that they tweet regularly, even when they are out of the office, to remain current. Several websites, such as Hoot Suite, allow individuals to write tweets ahead of time and schedule when they go live.

Many businesses and organizations lack a human element when they tweet. When writing, individuals should strive to create personality rather than keeping tweets flat and overly professional. A great way to engage the community and convey a sense of humanity is by asking questions. This is also a great way to perform market research.

Businesses and organizations should strive to interact with their followers and peers as much as possible. Doing so ensures that the organization comes across as a leader and an authority in the field.

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