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Morality Final part 2

Cast of Characters

Cast List

Papa (Elouisa)- Whoopi Goldberg

When I think of the best "movie gods" I've seen my thoughts go to Morgan Freeman, and Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi is the most fun of the two, and she happens to be of the African-american persuasion.

Sarayu - Mulan (at the end of the first movie)

I think of Sarayu as a quiet strength, kind, a mystic, wise. That is also what I think of my hero Mulan. By the 70 minute mark, what was a stubborn, clumsy girl, transforms into a graceful, wise, kick-butt woman. I could definitely see Mulan as Sarayu, And Sarayu play Mulan as a matter of fact.

Jesus - Joe Dempsie

Joe Dempsie played the character of Chris Miles in a TV show called Skins. He sinned ridiculously, he stole drugs, he was wildly promiscuous, irresponsible, just a big mess. Despite all that he was the most genuinely kind-hearted person on the show. Then that character had a bad heart condition and had an aneurysm and died. It moved me to tears. I feel any actor that can do all that can be the Jesus from the shack. Also, now that Mr. Dempsie has aged a little, he has a very good "serious face"

Mack- Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is my favorite male actor of all time because of his versatility. I think Mr. Hanks would do an excellent job of making the scene in which Mack gets the the letter hilarious, and be a convincing loving Dad, and truly sell the Great Sadness, and all the rest.

Missy - Dakota Fanning (as she was in 2003)

Dakota Fanning was in a movie called uptown girls in which she played a little girl who was wise beyond her years. I think that version of Dakota Fanning would be a great Missy, because she would do this big toothy grin once in a while that would make whoever she was talking to just want to hug her. A perfect Missy.


I imagine Mack's house to be on of the little cozy ones you see in Lifetime movies. One story, long and narrow, a lot of wood and tile on the inside. When I looked up"campground river" I found the third image which was EXACTLY what I imagined the campground to look like so woo. The shack on the cover of the book didn't have enough trees around it. It says in the book that helicopters weren't able to spot the truck because of all the trees around the shack so I found an image I thought fit better.

Events in the Plot

I feel that everything that happens once Mack get's to the Shack is incredibly important, take one piece out and it is an incomplete puzzle. The two things before Mack's trip to he shack that I think are most important are the parts where Missy and Mack talk about the Indian Princess story, and the retrievel of Papa's note.

Deleted Scenes

The time when Mack is looking for Missy before the police gets there take a lot of pages, and would take a lot of screen time. So, in my depiction of the story, it would go from when Mack realizes Missy is missing, and starts calling her name, right to when Mack is introduced to the police officer that helps him.

Creative Liscense

I would like to extend the scene in which Mack gets Papa's note from the mailbox and make it really hilarious. I feel the movie would have many sad moments, and be one of the deep philosophical types so I would like to have a scene that's pee your-pants funny. Also, it's Tom Hanks, he's quite funny. So in the movie the drive way would be really long, and Mack would be wearing a big quilted robe and slipping and sliding all over the place. He could drop his reading glasses and have to shimmy his way over to them on his belly, etc. etc. etc.

Personal Epiphany

One thing I got from this book was that god is personal, and everyone has a different view. People's views might differ only slightly, or as greatly as Sarayu and Papa. feel that it's okay to see god hte way I do, even though it is drastically different from the view of anyone I know.

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