Anger Management Online

Provides Court Approved Training

About Anger Management Online

Founded in 2002 by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Kathy Garber, Anger Management Online TM offers anger management classes in an online distance learning format. Courts accept Anger Management Online TM courses as part of mandated training. Human Resources refer employees to our anger management classes and many individuals take the classes for self improvement. Everyone is welcome to self improve at Anger Management Online TM.

The techniques used at Anger Management Online TM teach students how to express anger in healthy ways. We teach you "how" to be angry instead of completely riding you of your anger. We believe that anger is a normal, healthy emotion. It is how you handle your anger that can get you into trouble. We teach you how to determine the cause of anger, address destructive or ineffective communication styles, how to resolve conflicts productively and much more. In addition to Kathy Garber’s book, Stop Anger, Be Happy, students receive access to discussion boards, articles, and other supporting materials. I bring a crucial human component to the learning experience at Anger Management Online TM. I am available to you 7 days a week.

Students register online at and provide payment, then complete courses in the members’ area. The classes are available at all hours, providing flexibility around work and family needs. Upon finishing the class, the student receives a certificate of completion. Anger Management Online TM is the place where people come for all of their anger management needs. Since we have been online for over 10 years, we are a trusted source of anger management and self improvement.

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