The Latin American tower is a very interesting building in which you can find museums, galleries, restaurants and offices.

The construction began in 1948, has more than 50 years.

Until 1972 it was considered the tallest building in the city. Have 48 floors.

Its construction lasted eight years. The tower gained prestige when he withstood an earthquake of 7.7 grades. Actually the building is considered one of the safest in the city.

If may not be the tallest skyscraper in the whole city, but one of the most prestigious being the first in the world to be built in seismic zone.

Where I live.

My name is Angélica, I live in a white old house in Victoria city. It's big and very nice..

There's a living room, a small kitchen, three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a big garden.

My bedroom has two big windows, a comfortable bed, a desk, and old television, a chair,  a lamp, a small sofa, and one  big closet.

I live with my mom, my dad, my brother and my sister.

I have a dog, it's small, his name is Doc, like a doctor.

I never have visitors, but I see my friends on weekends.

My dad enojoy spend his time in the garden, my mom pass her time on the kitchen, she really loves cooking.

I love this house, because I have everything that i need; my parents and my brothers.

Also the zoo it's near to my home. This house it's my only real  home, and I like it.

Latin American Tower


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