The Lunar Chronicles

      16 year old Linh Cinder, the girl no one wants, who no one likes or loves. She's a cyborg and a lunar, a creature that was born on the moon and has the ability to be able to manipulate the mind of others make them feel and see things you want them to. This story takes place in New Beijing. Although she is a lunar she just found out so she doesn't know anything of her past because of her operation that made her a cyborg. Cinder is finding out about her past by the new people she encounters while trying not to get caught by Queen Levana, queen of the moon. Meanwhile the deadly disease leutomis, is going around everywhere killing everyone. It kills the Prince Kai's parents leaving him in charge. When he wants to find Queen Levana's niece Princess Selene because Levana's is evil, everything starts to go wrong. On his journey he meets Cinder, will they fall inlove.

           By: Erica Hughes