Visit Constantinople now!

Where the Fun stands even higher than the the walls

Constantinople is full of excitement and trade, where anyone could find something to do. From our majestic churches like the Eastern Orthodox, too the Determined and Fierce Hippodrome, our society is filled with excitement and a well-rounded city.

Here in Constantinople we're the center point of trade and wealth, we're a peninsula of fun, safety, activity, pride, and religion.

In the Peninsula you know as the Grand Constantinople, which started from the Grand ruler Constantine, we have oases and deserts with magnificent coast lines where you can take lovely walks on the beach with family and friends!

Fun and Activity? Yes, we have the hippodrome as seen above,  a little Colosseum, well, not that little. It's where our chariot races take place, all the different colored teams here are as important as our identities! We're passionate.

Forget dull churches like this!

Respect? To Whom? You may be asking, but we're very respectful to our beliefs and religion, Christianity. We have many grand churches and Cathedrals to view, One great church is the Eastern Orthodox or the Roman Catholic Church! Our daily life does include much Christian Religion, but our daily life is a lot more exciting which the chariot races and how advanced our society is.

One of our great rulers in the government from not too long ago, Leo III, had banned the religious icons so we don't just worship the art but the actual ruler. Our government here in Constantinople is important to keep the society in order, our rulers remain clever and wise in battle strategy, why not see yourself? So you can visit Constantinople now!

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