For Darkness Shows The Stars

Author: Diana Peterfreund

By: Anika Hawes

 Character analysis:

Elliot North- She is a tomboy, she knows her place, stubborn, and smart she works in the fields unlike most Luddites ( which she is), she has always know that she is a Luddite a noble that takes care of the reduced, she can almost never give in that she made a mistake and she is smart she learned how to do experiments on corn and to help a reduced.

Kai- He is a very determined man, kind, and caring. When he sets his minded to something he usually gets it like when he wants to run away even if it means he is leaving his loved one he still does. He has always cared for one reduced child in particular he is so kind to her he helps her plant flowers and he always try's to keep her safe.


        It has been a very long time since a genetic experiment has gone wrong which caused the reduction that had killed of humanity and gave power to the Luddites who cared for the reduced. Elliot North has always know where she belonged. Four years ago the one she loved ran away and she refused to go with the servant Kai. She choose her families estate over the one she loved now that her estate is dwindling she has to rent out land to a group of famous ship builders and in that group is a tall handsome young man Kai. Elliot hopes that this is her second chance to be with him but Kai seems to want to hurt her feelings and to love someone else. When Elliot discovers a secret that Kai is holding it could change their small world for ever. Now that Elliot  is battling with anther tough choose to stay a Luddite and tell, or should she keep it a secret and love the boy she has always loved.  Elliot has to choose and when she does it changes every thing will change.

Setting: The two major settings are the Northern Estate and the Boat wright house.

RISING ACTION: Elliot gets a letter from the famous explores wanting to rent the boat wright house.

                   -Elliot takes her grandfather out of the boat wright house because she is renting it out.

                    -The explores come to the boat wright house and Elliot greets them so they can get settled in.

CLIMAX: Elliot finds out that Kai the slave boy that she loves is with the explorers as a hansom young man, and he is in love with someone else.

FALLING ACTION: The explores have a party and Elliot is invited so she goes.

                        -Elliot finds out that Kai is a post that was experimented on. When the girl Kai is in "love" with falls and almost kills herself.

                        - Elliot hears one of the explorers say that Kai has always loved her

RESOLUTION: Elliot and Kai get back together and set sail for the new land the Luddites have not seen.

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