Homework 1: download Adobe Slate

Find an article or a video of interest to you and share the link; be ready to talk about it next lesson (in lots and lots of depth!!); make some notes in your Adobe Slate

Our Big Questions:
- Should animals have equal rights as they are living creatures just like humans?
- Is there a difference in attitude towards pets from the Western and the Eastern worlds?
- Should zoos be closed down?
- Should we all become vegetarians?
- How are animals treated in a cruel manner by humans?
- What is the situation of animal welfare in Malaysia and in your own country?
- Which animal rights organisations exist and what do they do?
- How are certain animals portrayed in books and films and why?
- Are all animals intelligent?
- Are animals better than humans because they don't go to war?

Our Learning Task
- Booklet of activities
- a ThingLink to explore online resources

You will create your own multimedia book as a response  using BookCreator
We have till May 19th

Wildlife Trade in Malaysia: Google Tour

Copy and paste this link in SAFARI     https://goo.gl/JDI3ky

Sharing your points on Twitter

A lot of my professional learning happens on Twitter; I have connected with teachers globally and we share and chat about educational ideas (not fun for everyone I know, but I love it!); So, I have been thinking how I can use this platform safely with you guys .... I have learnt about an add on and we will use some #'s to share your ideas with the WORLD!! You will be composing your Tweet and sharing it with one of these communities; all your posts will be sent out via my Twitter account so it is all SAFE

#animalrights     #PETA       #wildlifetrade     #GISlearninggarden

So, what are our LO's?

By May 19th, I would love for you to have:

  • enjoyed if not all, then at least quite a lot of our lessons together
  • talked and shared your ideas about animal rights and animal issues
  • increased your understanding about some of the complex issues
  • and developed your own opinions about these issues
  • carried out research to learn more in depth about 1-3 areas of your personal interest
  • learnt lots of vocabulary of course
  • spoken lots and lots and lots; really try hard to expand on details
  • asked and answered questions; asked me for help if you needed it
  • worked with a friend, in small groups and on your own
  • coped well with the reading and listening tasks within our resource booklet (this will be the input)
  • created your understanding and shared your opinions within your e-books via video, audio, annotated images, text (this will be the output)
  • practised and applied your skills: skimming, scanning, note-taking, listening for key words, summarising, comparing & contrasting, analysing, synthesizing, justifying, persuading, evaluating, reflecting, inquiring
  • developed your IT skills and feel more confident in using Book Creator, Canva, iMovie, Adobe Voice, Adobe Slate (and maybe use these for other subjects)

Why do I want you to be able to do the above?

  • because animal rights is just as important an issue as human rights
  • you should have an informed opinion about animal rights and animal issues
  • this is an IGCSE topic and you will be better prepared for Yr10 plus you will have your lovely e-book
  • I want you to develop not just your language skills but also your learning and thinking skills, GIS skills and of course tech skills