Anita Marke

Anita Marke, Garden and Health Enthusiast

About Anita Marke

Anita Marke is a garden enthusiast who has been working on a personal nursery for the past several years. With plans to plant tulips, orchids, and roses, Anita Marke intends to enter her orchids in an annual garden fair where the grand prize is $2,500 and a year’s worth of gardening tools.

Ms. Marke maintains a healthy lifestyle. To relieve stress and tension, she has made exercise a part of her life, typically doing 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise combined with 45 minutes of strength training daily. She uses a variety of activities in her cardiovascular routine, including biking, racket ball, swimming, tennis, and walking; she uses arm curls, leg lifts, squats, and crunches to strengthen her muscles. Always interested in new activities, she plans to start a running regimen and train to enter a 5K event. Anita Marke also tries to maintain a healthy diet and enjoys cooking. She substitutes vegetables in dishes such as lasagna to make healthier alternatives to traditional dishes.

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