Tony Barrett CORE 2

On Wednesday we learned how to breathe properly when doing Meditation. And do a proper position while sitting. Mr. Halkuff walked us through a garden to let go of the negative and grow the bad. We walked through a garden with our animal friend. We wrote 3 things we loved about our life and 3 things we hated. At the end A lady made us relax from the head to toe.

Before we started Meditation i felt that it wasn't really going to help me relax at all because I didn't think meditation could do that but it helped a lot. During the activities i felt like I was going to sleep and through the garden I really did release the 3 things that I hated and it felt great to meditate. Yes I would try meditating again just because I really did release the 3 things I hated and I was relaxed.

Meditation - Sitting proper while clearing the mind

Mantra - A sound your comfortable with for meditation

Deep breathing - Breathing from the nose and letting it out from the mouth and holding it in for 3 seconds.

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