On June 17 we collaborated on the castle. My role was to make the house for the peasants. After we presented our castle, my group won most realistic. We won this award because we had a canon and other things that you would really find in a real castle.


On June 18 i was introduced to the Tinkercad. Tinkercad in the program used to design the 3D objects. After being introduced we went through a few lessons on how to use the program and made a few objects.


On June 19 we made a tackk account. We used these to have a personalized account on tackk. We used the personalized page to post our 3D objects that we made on Tinkercad such as keychains.


On June 19 we turned our lego and/or clay model castles into a 3D model on tinkercad. my castle is made to look like a face on the front and have weird shaped windows, with bars surrounding the top of the castle.


On June 23 I made my JEWEL purse is bomb!!!! It is bomb because it is made with 2 diamond/jewels. It also has the logo that is original and different but has a meaning. I created this by using tinkercad.


Today we worked on our individual projects. My main theme was diamonds/jewels and accessories. I have my own logo which incorporates the diamond and jewel on every piece.

Today i made a nail polish keychain. The polish bottle had 2 diamonds cut into it and some rectangles just to add some flavor. The top of the polish bottle just has a hook on it to place around a keyring.This keychain will be for my mother because she always has her nails done. :)

I made a pink headband because pink is my favorite color and i love hair accessories. I put my logo that is on everything ( JEWEL with a diamond). I use jewel because thats my nickname and i love diamonds.

This is a diamond keychain. I made the diamond because of its simplicity but it ties into my theme of jewelry. They always say diamonds are a girls bff. Again, i added the hook to attach it to the keyrings.


I made an inkpen with jewel engraved in the side and a diamond on the other side. I made this pen for my father. The pen is to sit on his desk. I made a pen because he is a homicide detective and often has a notepad and pen.

I made a pair of glasses on tinkercad. These glasses are for my aunt. The glasses have the indention of the diamond and jewel on the other arm.

The diamond necklace is a representation of the three children my aunt has. The diamond necklace has the same indention and writing on the sides.

I made this ring for my Godmother/aunt. This ring is to represent her marriage and the love i have for her. They say diamonds are forever and this shows my love will last forever.