Beautiful Places Just For You

Travel 1: China

China is part of the world's largest continent. Asia is actually no. 1, but China is just a part of Asia. There are tons more in Asia, but China is part of it. Anyways, China is a fabulous place to be in. There is only one problem though. In China since they have a huge population there is a lot of pollution which creates smog. Smog is a very thick air full of pollution. Many people in China wear those face masks that medicals wear. It's that bad. So if you ever go there please don't pollute more, it's very bad for the health. It also gets very cold, but it does snow a lot. If you like snow you should check China out. When it's winter it gets very cold in some places. It gets icy on the Great Wall of China, so be very careful. Otherwise china is a beautiful and wonderful place to be in. There are tons of sights to see and lots of shops. I'll tell you more if you like. Just comment down below and I'll try to answer the best I can. :)

The capital of China is Beijing