Jonas's Society Rules

Jonas's World

Rules fair or not

In Jonas's world not all the rules and laws are not necessary. Some of the rules are unfair to kids, For example when lily was riding her mom's bike. If she was caught she would be released from the community.  Lily and other kids thought that was an unfair rule because you had to be 9 to ride a bike.

  People who do not follow the rules are release because they could not follow the rules. When they are release that means that they are killed. When they say release in the book they dont want any on want to be scared because it is utopia.

I think  that the whole point of the rules are there for them to follow and they said if they don't follow the rules the get release that means killed. It is necessary because the rules there are for a reason and if you don't follow them you should get punish. If you think about about breaking the rule think twice. For example when Dad disobey the rules by looking at the name chart he should have got punished for it.

Yes all rules can be changed because when Jonas was a little kid he was told that he could never lie. When he is 12 all of a sudden he is told that he can lie.When it said that in the book it told me that the people can now change the rules in the society that they live in.   

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