The IPhone6 Lines Had More Than Just Die Hard Apple Fans

By Sam Frizell
Project By Krisana Goel


The crowd waiting outside of an Apple store in New York was said to be different that in times past. Instead of the typical younger more excited costumers, many older Asians were waiting for the new IPhone for a few days outside of a store in New York. A group of a few people decided to stay around and video tape what happened just to see if it was different from what people ordinarily did after receiving the phones. When night came, the people started to sleep on the sidewalks to save their seats. Police were involved over night because it is illegal to sleep on a public sidewalk. When the IPhone came out, the videotaping group noticed, everyone bought 2 and paid in cash only. When some of them were followed, they were found selling the phones to others using a system: the buyer would check the product, make offer, and then the seller would receive cash. This is thought to be terrible for marketing.


Oppurtunity- This article relates to opportunity because all of the buyers are able to do more things with their new phones and gain more opportunities because of this. Some of these include getting the apps made for the IPhone.

Liberty- The people buying the IPhones were allowed to buy as many as they wanted without people telling them how many to buy.

Why is this news?

This article is news because it relates to the breakthrough of the new IPhone.

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