Graph 12

By Skye Hellenkamp

Jake's Bike Race

Graph Number 12

One day Jake and his friend Garret were hanging out and decided to race each other on their bikes. They set up their bikes at the end of Jakes driveway, 10 meters from his garage. They would have to race up the driveway to the garage and back down to win. When they started the race, Jake went all the way to the garage 1o meters away in 6 seconds at a constant speed. After touching the garage door, he went racing back down the 10 meters at the same speed at a constant rate. It took him 6 seconds to come back down. There he waited at the same spot as they started for 4 more seconds for Garret to finish because his bike's wheels weren't as big so he didn't go as fast. They gave each other a high five and told each other good job.

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