Colton of Amazingness

A lonely Artic Explorer named Robert Walton decides to take a voyage to find a passage way through the North Pole. While on that voyage he writes letters to his sister Mrs.Margaret Saville.

Victor discovers science

Victor starts getting into science. He finds out about electricity. He wants to learn how life works and how the world works

Victor making the giant man

Victor becomes obsessed with science and decides to make a giant man out of different body parts.

the monster choking william

The monster escapes Victors apartment in search of Victor and comes upon Victors little brother in the woods of Geneva. Victors little brother Williams tries to run away but the monster grabs him and accidently chokes and kills him and frames Vicctors adopted sister Justine.

Monster discovers a village

The monster travels around learning about himself and comes upon a village where he finds the De Lacey family and starts to do nice things for them without them knowing. The monster finally talks to the blind old man and the rest of the family sees. One girl faints. The monster is chased out the village by angry people scared of him.

Frankensteins women being made

Victor caves in to the monsters request of a female companion. After making the female victor is disgusted by it so he throws it away and the monster gets mad. Victor goes back home to protect his family from the mad monster.

Victor is accused of a murder of his friend and is sent to prison

The monster said if he didn't make the female he'd keep killing Victors loved ones. The monster kills Clerval and Victor gets accused for it. Victor goes to jail and gets the best cell and nurses until his trial which he was found not guilty. After his trial him and his father go back to Geneva. On their way, Victor starts to think when he was happy. Which was before he made the monster.

Victor and Elizabeth get married

Victor and Elizabeth get married. On there honeymoon in France, Victor finds Elizabeth dead and finds out the monster did it.

Victors family mourning

Victor goes back to Geneva and breaks the news to his family about Elizabeth. Victors dad dies of depression.

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