Psychological Approach

What forces motivate the characters?

Cinderella Stories

In all 3 Cinderella stories, a supernatural force whether it be a fairy godmother, a magic wand, or magic fish bones, is motivating Cinderella to act on her dream. Which is to go to a ball/festival. There, fate makes the Cinderellas lose something like a shoe that a single royal man finds her by, and marries her.


Macbeth was motivated by his ambitious wife, Lady Macbeth to pursue the Witches' prophesy of him becoming king. Macbeth was first reluctant to kill Duncan, it was Lady Macbeth who in a way forced him with mental pressure.

Dream High

In Dream High Song Sam Dong (the boy) is in love with Hye Mi (the girl) but she is 1 tough cookie! They both go to an Arts school. Hye Mi's forced to go, because she has to pay off family debt and Sam Dong was forced by Hye Mi. Song Sam Dong cannot win over Hye Mi's love, he only receives pity. Sam Dong is a very talented singer, but he has tinnitus (hearing loss). Instead of giving up his dreams of becoming a famous singer, tried even harder, and became the most famous pop star in all of Korea so no one can dare to pity him. He was motivated by the beauty of his dream. If you are a performer ( like me) you know that the stage calls you and you also know how great it feels to be on it.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The very hungry caterpillar is focused on the story of a caterpillar who eats and eats and eats and finally meta-morphs into a butterfly. The Caterpillar is motivated by hunger, he doesn't suspect that his body is forcing him to eat a lot, in order to become a butterfly.

Kaffir Boy

In Kaffir boy, Johannes lives in a poor community in apartheid South Africa. His mother always motivated and encouraged him to become a better person, to not become a gang member and to go to school. Once Johannes was older, his own dream of moving to America, motivated him to do well in school and play tennis professionally. Even though he wasn't the best at it, and he got a lot of hatred from people around him, it was his ticket to a scholarship to America and becoming a respectable man.

Finn's goal in life is to become a hero. He selflessly helps anyone in need and slays anything evil. He is like this, because when he was a baby, he was in need, no one helped him until he was saved and raised by Jake the dog's now deceased parents. Finn vowed to become just like his "dad" ( who was a crime fighter) and help people in need.This memory motivates him to always be righteous in his decisions.

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