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allowed to

I'm allowed to watching TV seven days a week. I'm not allowed to watch TV during the week to twelve o'clock.What I'm not allowed to do–turn the volume of my stereo up full when my parents are at home. They say my music gives them a headache.I have to go to bed to five days at half past nine. I'm not allowed to go out with my friends during the week. I'm allowed to have a nose stud in two years when I'm older

I love she <3

My best friend

                    My best friend is Jasmin.

She has lived in Mitterschlag for many years. We have known each other since kindergarten and I can tell everything to her! I like her because she helps me with my homework, and we always have a lot of fun. During the holidays, we see each other almost every day and that's really cool. I often visit her or sometimes she come to me.But sometimes we also have a quarrel.

My mom and her mom are very good friends. It's fun to be with her.

The rabies dog

My best trip ever

Portfolio3                                               My best trip ever                                Anna                                                                                    

                                              My best trip ever

My best trip ever was to Salzburg. I was with my family and we spent three days there. On the first day we took the cable car up the mountain and went on a pasture. We bought ice cream and enjoyed the Tauern Mountains. In the afternoon we went to the“Baumkronenzipfelweg”, it was cool.                                                                                       The next day we drove to Tyrol to an amusement park. I often rode the roller coaster with my niece that was the best thing to go.The swimming pool at the hotel was great.                    I would like to do this trip again, because this trip was very nice and one can also do great things in Austria.