Crystal Growing

Annabel Macfarlane

Solution Level First line=1st week Second line=2nd Week Third line=3rd week


1st week: When the crystals first formed (overnight) they were quite small, but not as small as salt crystals.

2nd week: After about a week of sitting in a jar covered with just a paper hat to let oxygen in, there was a significantly larger amount of crystals. Not only were there more crystals, but the crystals that had been sitting in the solution for the longest had gotten a lot bigger Also, the solution level had decreased (gotten shorter), which is a sign that more crystals were formed from this solution.

3rd week: After two weeks, there didn’t seem to be too much of a change from the past week. There were some more very small crystals that had formed, but other than that, not too much of a change.

Conclusion Statement:

Overall the crystals made the biggest changes from when they were first made into the first week. They grew quite quickly and were quite big, and then after the first week, there didn't seem to be too many more changes. The solution level was noticeably different, starting at around 1.8 cm and ending around 1.1/1.2 cm. The largest crystal in the collection was approx. 2 cm in length, 1.5 cm in width and 0.5cm in depth.

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