Anna Karen Wellborn

The Professional and Personal Pursuits of Anna Karen Wellborn

About Anna Karen Wellborn

A graduate of Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Anna Karen Wellborn currently resides in Bend, Oregon, where she is involved with a number of professional and personal pursuits. As a business associate with Portland, Oregon’s Hoodoo Antiques and Design, she locates quality merchandise throughout the central Oregon region. Anna Karen Wellborn’s other responsibilities with Hoodoo include sales, staging, customer relations, marketing, and oversight of prop rentals.

Ms. Wellborn has volunteered for a number of marathons and summer festivals in the greater Bend and Portland areas. She has also volunteered with the Oregon Humane Society and the City of Portland’s Parks and Recreation department.

When she isn’t working or volunteering, Ms. Wellborn is a skilled and experienced cook who has prepared meals for the rehearsal sessions of the Central Oregon Symphony. She is also actively involved with the Bend chapter of the Sons of Norway, an international fraternal organization that is dedicated to promoting and preserving Norwegian culture and heritage.

Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Ferret

An experienced small business associate with Hoodoo Antiques and Design, Anna Wellborn also takes an active role in her community. Anna K Wellborn supports the Oregon Humane Society as well as the Cascade Ferret Network.

If you are planning to welcome a ferret into your family, adoption can be an ideal way of finding your new pet while helping an animal in need. A ferret in a shelter is typically an adult or emerging adult and as such has developed the personality that it will have throughout its lifetime. A grown ferret is more likely to be litter trained and may have been socialized not to bite. It is most often full-sized and has its adult coat color.

Ferret adoption also saves the new owner money, as adoption fees tend to be lower than shop costs. The money that an adopter does pay goes toward caring for ferrets still looking for permanent homes. Shelters also typically take care of keeping ferrets' vaccines up-to-date and ensuring that they are spayed or neutered, which in turn saves the adopting owner significant amounts in veterinary costs.

Portland Parks and Rec Hosts Its 12th Annual No Ivy Day

A business associate at Hoodoo Antiques and Design, Anna Karen Wellborn is responsible for customer relations, product sourcing, marketing, and sales at the Portland, Oregon, company. Beyond this, Anna Karen Wellborn often volunteers for cleanup with the Portland, Oregon, Parks and Recreation.

Dedicated to keeping the parks, public places, and natural areas throughout Portland beautiful and clean, Portland Parks and Recreation maintains several recreational and volunteer events throughout the year. The organization’s City Nature division and No Ivy League recently held the 12th annual No Ivy Day in late October 2015. Focused on clearing Portland’s natural areas of invasive ivy, the event welcomes several hundred volunteers every year. Together, volunteers clear thousands of square feet of ivy, plant hundreds of trees and shrubs, and build trails.

This year’s No Ivy Day focused on such parks as Marquam Nature Park and Marshall Park and such nature areas as Baltimore Wood Natural Area and Terwilliger Wildlands. It was held on Saturday, October 24, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and featured free T-shirts. Following the cleanup, volunteers were invited to one of four locations to celebrate their work with free food and family-friendly activities.

2016 Portland Waterfront Blues Festival

Since 2002, Anna Karen Wellborn has worked as a business associate with Hoodoo Antiques and Design in Portland, Oregon. Anna Karen Wellborn enjoys supporting a number of community events throughout the city, including the Waterfront Blues Festival.

The 29th annual Waterfront Blues Festival, sponsored by Safeway and First Tech, will be held from July 1 through July 4, 2016, at Portland, Oregon’s Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Individuals can find parking at various Smart Park lots as well as City Center Parking locations. Historically, street parking adjacent to Tom McCall Waterfront Park has filled up quickly, as the festival often brings in major blues performers such as Allen Toussaint and Buddy Guy.

Owned and organized by the Oregon Food Bank, the festival began its current incarnation in 1988, when Oregon Food Share took ownership and raised more than $7,500 and 650 pounds of food for surrounding communities and Clark County, Washington. To this day the festival has raised in excess of $10 million for the food bank as well as 815 tons of food. The 2014 festival alone raised more than $1 million.

Adopting from the Oregon Humane Society

For more than 13 years, Anna K Wellborn has served as a business associate at Hoodoo Antiques and Design in Portland, Oregon. Outside of work, Anna K Wellborn spends time contributing to philanthropic groups throughout the city, including volunteering with the Oregon Humane Society.

Individuals interested in adopting an animal from the Oregon Humane Society should visit and review the organization’s How to Adopt page. The society’s website provides a comprehensive list of all cats, dogs, and small animals at the central Portland campus as well as the Westside Adoption Center and several additional affiliated programs.

After an individual or family has found a pet they may be interested in adopting, they can arrange to meet the animal in person alongside a trained Humane Society adoption counselor. The organization performs medical work and conducts a personality assessment for each animal, allowing adoption counselors to analyze both the animal and adopting party and determine whether the two might make a good match.

If members of the adoptive home and the prospective pet get along well, adoptions can take place on the same day as the initial meeting. The Oregon Humane Society can further help adopting parties by overseeing introductions between adopted pets and pets already living in the home.

The Sons of Norway Promote Norwegian Culture

As part of Hoodoo Antiques and Design in Portland, Oregon, Anna Karen Wellborn is responsible for marketing and customer relations. Anna Karen Wellborn's community activities include membership in the Sons of Norway, an insurance organization dedicated to building ties between America and Norway.

The group's charitable foundation devotes itself to offering grants in several categories. It sponsors scholarships for American college and university students who wish to explore Norway's history and culture, as well as Norwegians in higher education who want to study the American way of life. Awards in the amount of $1,500 are available to students desiring to participate in the Oslo, Norway, Summer School.

Other grants are given to raise awareness of Norwegian ways via community projects, research, books, and video. The foundation also has set aside emergency funds for members in disaster situations. The initial money for these grants came from King Harald V of Norway. The amount for members in need is $1,000.

The OHS Breaks Previous Adoption Record by the End of 2015

Anna Karen Wellborn has been serving as a business associate at Hoodoo Antiques and Design for more than a decade. In this capacity, she is responsible for everything from locating merchandise to customer relations and marketing. An active member of her community, Anna K Wellborn supports several local organizations, including the Oregon Humane Society.

Since 1868, the Oregon Humane Society (OHS) has been working to end animal abuse and neglect and find loving homes for abandoned animals. Maintaining one of the United States’ highest adoption rates, the organization never limits how long the animals in its care are up for adoption, and successfully finds homes for 98 percent of its animals every year.

During 2015, the OHS found homes for a total of 11,620 animals. These include dogs, cats, other small animals, and even horses. This new number represents the most pets adopted from the organization since 2000, when it moved into its current shelter facility. The OHS’ previous record was in 2011, at 11,521 for the calendar year. This number was passed in late December 2015 with the adoption of Panther, a nine-month-old cat.