Maria Björnson

By Annalisa R

Set designer of many famous operas including The Phantom of The Opera.

Maria Björnson was the set designer for The phantom of the opera. Maria is one of Britain's most inspirational set and costume designer for theatre's, opera's and ballet's. She was given this tittle in the 1980's. She's very creative. Her set's in The Phantom of The Opera was said people were electrified by her amazing and imaginative designs.

Birth-Death: 1949 - 2002. She died in her bath tub, detectives saying that she drowned herself for an unknown reason.

Career: To start Maria's 30 year long career, she was assigned ten productions. In 1971 - 72 in the theatre Glasglow. Also in the Welsh National Opera and Scottish Opera 1975 - 80. She came more famous after creating the sets for the Phantom of the opera. Maria has produced 120 set designs in her life. Some are: 2006 - The Phantom of the Opera, 2003 - The Little Prince, 2001 - Don Giovanni, 2000 - Cat on a hot tin roof, 1999 - The tales of Hoffman, 1998 - Britannicus, 1997 - Macbeth, 1996 - The Phantom of the Opera celebrated 10 years, 1995 - The rise and fall of the city of Mahogany, 1994 - The sleeping beauty, 1993 - The Phantom of the opera, 1991 - The Blue Angel, 1989 - The marriage 0f Figaro, 1988 - The cunning little vixen, 1987 - The queen of spades,1986 - creditors, 1985 - The lonely road, 1984 - Camille, 1983 - The Gambler, 1982 - Jenufa, 1981 - A midsummer's night dream, 1980 - Tales off Hoffman and so much more. Every year she was very busy with lots of sets and costumes to make.

This is Maria

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