Anne Thull

San Francisco Fine Arts & Furnishings Designer Anne Thull

About Anne Thull

A San Francisco artist and business owner, Anne Thull focuses on the creation of functional, architectural, and fine art for trade and end-user clients. As “artist in residence” at the San Francisco Design Center, Anne Thull emphasizes quality craftsmanship in creating bespoke and limited-edition fine art pieces such as glass candle sleeves and grapevine sculptures. The latter bronze pieces utilize a patented lost-wax production method and reflect her maternal grandparents’ Italian heritage.

Ms. Thull creates furnishings from diverse materials and in 2014 introduced her own line of Story Book Furnishings. These pieces include lamps, tables, and bookcases, and are crafted from urban, reclaimed, and found wood. She also designs limited-edition tables that utilize handmade Concetto stone slabs from Caesarstone USA. Ms. Thull has a background in artwork on canvas and paper and transitioned to 3-D design with a focus on creating works that would add lasting beauty to home and office environments. In addition to her San Francisco studio location on Henry Adams Street, Anne Thull has a second showroom in Carmel-by-the-Sea, at Hampton Court on 7th Avenue.

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