Annie Grace Couvillion

Photographer and Volunteer

About Annie Grace Couvillion

Annie Grace Couvillion is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where she earned a BFA in photography and had some of her work displayed in a gallery opening. She still takes photographs extensively today, although professionally she is part of a logistics team for FEMA Corps in Sacramento, California. In her free time, Annie Grace Couvillion enjoys reading, music, and traveling. She stays active by swimming and playing tennis.

Ms. Couvillion's passion for community service has led her to accomplish volunteer work with the Special Olympics, a humane society, and a homeless shelter. Her work for FEMA Corps, an entity affiliated with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), has helped her focus that passion into advocacy on a personal level. Most recently, she was dispatched to Oklahoma to assist with disaster relief in the wake of a deadly tornado there. In her work with FEMA Corps, Annie Grace Couvillion audits shipments of supplies and equipment, maintaining an inventory database that tracks material that has been sent to disaster sites.

HSUS Rehabilitates Abused Horses at Doris Day Equine Center in Texas

A recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Annie Grace Couvillion currently serves as a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Corps, an AmeriCorps division devoted to disaster preparedness and recovery. In addition to her work with the FEMA Corps, Annie Grace Couvillion dedicates her time and resources to several other organizations, including the Humane Society.

In pursuit of its mission to put an end to animal cruelty, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) sponsors a number of campaigns targeting a range of cruel practices and operates animal care centers across the country, providing shelter and support for injured and mistreated animals.

At the Society’s Doris Day Equine Center in Murchison, Texas, HSUS rehabilitates battered and neglected horses and helps place them in permanent, safe homes with loving adopters. In an effort to ensure it matches all horses with the right owners, it requires potential adopters to complete a comprehensive application process that considers their experience, horsemanship skills, and personality, among other criteria.

Currently, there are several horses available for adoption through the Doris Day Equine Center. To find out more about the center, or to view the horses that are up for adoption, visit

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