Annie Trebicka

Dr. Annie Trebicka - Pathology Professional

About Annie Trebicka

Leveraging extensive medical experience, Dr. Annie Trebicka works as a pathologist assistant at Holy Family Hospital, where she undertakes gross examinations of surgical specimens. Additionally, she prepares samples for flow cytometry, genetic testing, and an array of other laboratory evaluations. Dr. Annie Trebicka's work improves care for breast and ovarian cancer patients by facilitating targeted immunological therapies. Engaged in her professional community, she belongs to Boston Women in Healthcare as well as the Albanian-American Medical Society.

In her private life, Dr. Annie Trebicka enjoys listening to classical music and playing pieces on the piano. She also reads philosophical and psychological works by such luminaries as Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud. She enjoys traveling and has visited Europe and the Caribbean.

Dr. Trebicka's educational background includes graduate studies at both the University of Tirana in Albania and at Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire. From the former, she earned her MD, and from the latter, her MBA in leadership.

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