Annis Outlaw Halvorson

Marathoner and National Space Club Contributor Annis Outlaw Halvorson

About Annis Outlaw Halvorson

An eight-time Boston Marathon participant, Annis Outlaw Halvorson has been featured in ESPN and Naples News articles documenting Florida runners who have finished the marathon. Before becoming a marathoner, Annis Outlaw Halvorson worked in radio and sales.

Ms. Halvorson attended the University of Tennessee, where she made the dean’s list every semester. She focused on cultural anthropology and black studies, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 1980.

Along with her husband Todd, Ms. Halvorson makes regular contributions to Florida’s National Space Club. The National Space Club Florida Committee promotes space leadership and sponsors educational activities while recognizing research and achievements in aerospace science.

When she is not training for the next marathon, Annis Outlaw Halvorson enjoys kayaking, hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and cooking with her husband. She and her husband have two daughters: Allison, an associate attorney with Anthony & Partners, LLC; and Erica, a student at George Washington University. Son Aaron lives and works in Philadelphia.

Selecting Proper Running Shoes

Florida resident Annis Outlaw Halvorson has been an active runner for more than two decades. A stay-at-home mother of three, Annis Outlaw Halvorson is dedicated to staying active and training for marathons across the nation.

Among the most important equipment a runner needs are proper fitting shoes. Withstanding the shock of pavement running, neutral cushioning shoes offer more padding and comfort. Runners should be aware of how their feet strike the ground to locate the best fitting style. For individuals whose heels hit the pavement first while running, a neutral cushioning shoe that has a higher heel is ideal. A lower heel-toe drop better serves the needs of runners who strike the pavement at mid-foot.

Racing flats are also an option for runners seeking lightweight performance shoes. Each shoe weighs no more than nine ounces, which results in quicker speed and higher tempo running. However, runners should be aware that racing flats provide the least support of the running shoes available.

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