Announcing The Cleveland Breakfast Club...

Let's eat pancakes, donuts and bacon, together.

A monthly standing date for breakfast.

Two best parts about growing up are learning to love yourself just the way you are and that breakfast is the shiz. We enjoy cooking it and finding new places to eat it. And we'd like you to join us at the table.

Each month, let's get together and have breakfast. It could be bacon-and-eggs at your house, breakfast at Katz Club Diner, a donut hole party at our house, a visit to Jack Flaps or a mimosa bar at the spin studio. Two people, seven people, 70. There's no commitment, no pressure, just breakfast. We'll share ideas and eat them.

So many mornings, so few donuts...

Prospective dates for the inaugural Cleveland Breakfast Club:

  • Saturday, Jan. 25
  • Sunday, Jan. 26
  • Sunday, Feb. 9
  • Sunday, Feb. 16
  • Saturday, Feb. 22
  • Sunday, Feb. 23

Post a couple dates you can make in the comments below and note what you'd like for breakfast. Pick a restaurant, a diner or throw in your hat for hosting too. We'll post event details on The Cleveland Breakfast Club Tackkboard by Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Please feel free to invite friends, and to share your favorite recipes and breakfast/brunch ideas on the board at any time too! (Tackk breakfast here.) After all, you could inspire someone to make these grapefruit donuts.

OK, who wants breakfast?