Another firefly in my mind..

    Hi, I'm Allen. I love capturing things. I was born in July on a taxi cab. My name was derived from the taxi driver who was the one who gave birth to my mom. I play guitar. I'm still figuring out what was my worth in this world. I'm a student. I have five pounds of bags under my eye. I don't Math. My favorite thing in life is writing songs about love. Because, I think, love is absolutely everything.

     I'm a serious type of person, really, except when my crazy friends is around. I'm 17 now, but I never stopped laughing at some nonsense things. I'm secretive, but expressive non-verbally. I hate reading, I really don't get the sense of doing so, but I'm in loved with Suzanne Collin's hunger games series. My biggest fear in life is being rejected, or when someone doesn't appreciate my efforts. I'm bad at singing, but that's the thing I like to do always. I'm easily get mad. I live in Bulacan. In San Jose del Monte City, to be exact. I am a nocturnal person. Every night, I usually stay in a room, alone, doing nothing, sometimes plucking my guitar, thinking about random things and planning on how to survive this roller coaster life of mine, and waiting for the clock to strike 3:00 AM, then I go to sleep.

     I always skip breakfast. I'm a proud Swiftie for about four years. I love Taylor Swift because she inspires me by her songs. She's humble, down to earth, and very, very nice. She's my inspiration why  I write songs. I don't want to elaborate much my love for her, it'll spend time when I'll do that here.  I love my friends and I'm always trying to make new ones. I don't really think you can ever stop making new friends or learning about as many new things as possible. I also don't think you should ever take life so seriously that you forget to play.

     I have a star-shaped (not a perfect star) birthmark on my knee. I can video-edit. It takes me a minute or two before I can decide which bag should I use. I also love photography. I can read minds (sometimes). My favorite color is RED. I love tweeting, Soundcloud-ing, and Tumblr-ing. I think a lot, but talk less about it.

     I can't wait for so many things. But mostly I can't wait to see you, whether it's in school or everywhere. Thank you for your time reading this thing you can consider as trash.