Run Ali Run

I was standing at my bus stop in the morning waiting to go to school. I suddenly realized I left my homework on the kitchen table so I decided to sprint back home which was 40 feet away from the bus stop. That took me 20 seconds. I rushed through the front door, grabbed my homework  and started sprinting to the bus stop again. This time I almost made it back but I stopped at 38 feet because I was tired and that took me 10 seconds to run. All the sudden the bus came but I just stood there because I didn't want to move anymore. I was standing there for 20 seconds. My total running distance was 78 feet. Overall I was running for 30 seconds but I was resting for the last 20 seconds. I just decided to stand at the corner until my mom came to drive me to school.

Graph #12

Alison Nowatkoski

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