Answers to Popular Marketing Questions

All around world, various marketing strategies are being used by talented marketers. Although each business has its own way of promotion, the same marketing-related questions seem to continue to emerge. Here are answers to some of those popular marketing questions.

Content Marketers

How many social platforms should a company aim to use within their content marketing strategy?

All companies should only create social media channels that they can create valuable and consistent content on. If your company can't get on every site out there, that's OKAY and even GOOD! Think about which social channels your users or customers are spending time on, and start there. Determine your key 3-5 social sites and build a large follower base to help promote your brand.

What tools do companies use to ease communication when they are trying to share a marketing vision?

When email doesn't seem to be the right communicator, find a tool that is easy for your company or department to stay both organized and engaged on. Try Trello for project tracking and team checklist boards, or Basecamp for project management.

How does a company balance its values with social trends that are changing society?

Think about what you want as a company. If you still believe in your initial values, stick to them. If you want to shift your company culture, hire employees that can adjust it by being themselves.

At what rate should smaller companies produce new content?

Being a small company can be tough when you aren't always in the spotlight like larger businesses. Be patient and frequently post interesting content that will draw your targets in. Just how do you think those larger companies started?

Travel Marketers

What creation tools do travel marketers use to tell their travel stories?

Many travel marketers host their own blog filled with stories and posts from their travels. Something like Tumblr or Tackk can serve as an easy way to showcase photos and advice. Of course, social media channels like Instagram and Twitter will likely be important to create community.

How do travelers express their feelings and emotions beyond the screen?

Make it visual. Photos and videos will be your best friend to engage your community. These days, you don't need to be a professional photographer or videographer to express emotions so use tools like Vine and to create quick, meaningful visuals.

Do travelers ever share bad experiences while traveling?

Travel marketers shouldn't stray from telling the less attractive stories that happen to them when they are submerged into different cultures. Keep your trust with readers by honestly explaining your experiences.

How do travelers use content creation to help build their follower base?

Travelers can grab the attention of their followers by adding interactive media like photos, videos and maps from their travels. Anything beyond text will help. Engaging your community to create content on your behalf can be another powerful call-to-action, helping to build loyalty to your brand.

How do travelers differentiate themselves from other popular travel bloggers?

Traveler marketers, like businesses, should create a brand that sets them apart from other travelers. A theme that you're passionate about is a good start. Be consistent with themes across various social channels and communication. We've seen everything from nomadic themes to bacon obsessions.

Education Marketers

What tactics do education marketers use to stand out to their audiences?

Education marketers use interactive media to demonstrate their hands-on classroom activities. They incorporate popular edtech apps to help spread the word virally, and use specific hashtags like #edtech or #ipaded to join conversations.

How do education marketers recommend creating that initial connection with foreign educators?

Outreach on channels like Twitter goes a long way to get noticed. Follow up with an email and try to set a time to chat, or send a link or product for their review. Be very specific with what you're asking for, or why you're interested in connecting.

How do education marketers stay organized when they create content for large, broad audiences?

Knowing who your targets are for specific pieces is very important. Try using a collaborative Google sheet to track what you're producing and where it is going. An editorial calendar managing content and dates is always helpful.

Which types of partnerships do education marketers deem the most valuable to have?

Most education marketers like to partner with one another. Partner to collaborate on contests, presentations and EdTech tools that are popular in classrooms right now.