Set Designer - Richard Hudson

Richard Hudson is the set designer for The Lion King Musical, based on the movie The Lion King and specializes in Zimbabwean Stage Designs. He won Tony Award for Best Scenic Designer and Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Set Design. The Lion King was a musical in which he could use his skills to create a breath-taking and exciting set designs. He incorporated Africa's beautiful landscape in most of the scenes.

The stage designs in the musical explodes with many colours and effects. Richard Hudson's aim for the musical was to create an illusion to the audience, that you are in a different place in the world. He captured the African country in which the story is based in. The colours range from orange and red sunsets to blue sky's.

The musical captures many important sets that is shown in the movie. Some of his work was also put into making the costumes which played an important role in the musical. Richard Hudson studied at the Wimbledon School of Art. He also worked at many operas and theaters around the world.


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