Anthony Smith from Berkeley - Helping Students Succeed

Anthony Smith from Berkeley is passionate about helping students succeed. He currently works as an academic counselor at Castlemont High School in the Oakland Unified School District. He helps the students by working each on an individual level and finding what works for them. He also works closely with parents to make them aware of any problems their children may be having and find ways to help them. If you are looking for ways to help your student succeed, these tips can help.

Keep Them Organized

One of the biggest reasons many students have trouble in school is that they are unorganized. They may forget their assignments, misplace them, fail to turn them in on time or even lose their books and school supplies. Teach and encourage your students to stay organized at school and at home. You can even provide them with certain organizational items such as binder, pencil pouches and locker organizers.

Show Them How To Study

Many students do not know how to study and don’t even bother trying. Instead of telling your students to study, show them how to do it. You can offer a class that teaches memorization and other study skills and work with each student to find out how they study and what they can do to study better and retain more information.

Create Learning Opportunities

Some students do not have good home environments or are too distracted at home and are unable to focus on their work or study. Allow your students to study before class starts or for a few minutes at the end of class. You may also offer study halls or special times for students to work together and certain project or their homework. When you give students the chance to study and have fun with it, they will be more interested in school and their studies.

Anthony Smith Berkeley loves working with his students and spends time with each one of them to ensure that they are confident and doing well in school. He also makes it a point to keep the parents of his students up to date on all the things going on in school and with their students. He strives to give his students the opportunity to be successful and do well each and every day. If you work in a school or with students and want to help them become successful, follow the tips above.

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