Anthony Smith Helps the Berkeley High School Football Team Succeed

Anthony Smith is an academic counselor who has experience as coach. He worked at Berkeley High School for 11 years and he helped hundreds of students reach their goals. He is a caring counselor who works hard to help each of his students reach their goals. During his time with Berkeley High School, he managed a caseload of more than 400 students and was responsible for helping each of them understand their academic transcripts and plan for their futures.

While he was Berkeley High School’s academic counselor, Anthony Smith was in charge of advising the football team. Berkeley’s football team was filled with strong players who had won the championships for the school. These players worked hard to stay in shape while balancing their academics. Smith helped them maintain this balance. Smith also worked as a coach for youth sports, and understood the demands of high school football. He coached baseball, basketball, and track with PAL & Parks and Recreations. He worked with the students he coached and helped them excel academically as well as athletically. He applied the same teaching and coaching techniques to the Berkeley football players to help them reach all of their goals. He was a source of information and aid for these players.

Anthony Smith worked with each of these students to help them pick their classes and organize their schedules. He also helped them organize their time so that they could finish their school work and attend practice. Smith understood the importance of football to these players, but he also understood the importance of their academics. He helped these players keep up in school so that they would have a chance at a bright future.

Smith cares about all of his students and he works hard to help them succeed academically and socially. As Berkeley’s academic counselor, he was responsible for helping students understand their academic situations. He also helped them apply for college or find other vocational training. Anthony Smith cared about every student at Berkeley High School and he worked hard to make sure that every student had the resources, information, and help they needed to succeed.

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