Anthony Crumpton

Experienced Mechanic and Logistics Planner Anthony Crumpton

About Anthony Crumpton

In the early 1980s, Anthony Crumpton embarked on a career as a mechanic for CF Transit in Cleveland. In that position, he honed his skills in engine and transmission repair with responsibilities that included servicing parts with lubricants and fuel, inspecting machinery for malfunctioning parts, and maintaining detailed reports on repairs needed and repairs performed. Anthony Crumpton also conducted the careful cleaning of seals, chains, gaskets, and wheel bearings, tasks that necessitated the proper use of safety procedures for working with hazardous chemicals. After more than a decade with CF Transit, he moved to Michigan and joined SPT Logistics.

In his role as operations and logistics planner for SPT Logistics, Anthony Crumpton processes invoices, creates protocols to ensure the timely completion of deliveries, and schedules the routes for drivers working locally or transporting goods to other areas. For his efforts with the company, he won the company's Achievement Award.

When he is not working, Anthony Crumpton enjoys playing flag football. A community-minded individual, he mentors for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and supports the efforts of disaster relief organizations.

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