Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina - Treatment for a Wide Range of Viral Infections

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina - History of White Oak Industries

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina is the founder and CEO of White Oak Industries, a biopharmaceutical company that is hard at work developing vaccines for HIV and Ebola. The company’s vaccine technologies and patent filings come out of a long collaboration between Dr. Harrelson and his friend, Matt Kauffman.

White Oak’s vaccine is primarily targeted against the clade B subtype of HIV that is most commonly found in the US and the Western world. Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina says that HIV vaccine program is an immunotherapy program, designed to use the body’s natural defense mechanisms against HIV. Viruses are microscopic organisms that consist only of a single strand of genetic material and a tube of lipid coding the genetic material. A virus only seeks to copy its genetic material using a healthy cell’s apparatus as an engine. Most viruses, such as the virus causing the common cold, can eventually be identified by the body’s immune system and destroyed over time. The most dangerous viral infections, however, are undetectable by the body’s immune system. This uninhibited growth and replication of the virus causes disease. Infections caused by uninhibited replication can be acute or chronic. Acute infections such as influenza, last for a short period of time as the body eventually battles them back. Chronic infections don’t self-resolve and can result in long-term disease. HIV is an example of a chronic infection caused by a virus. Viruses oscillate between being active and latent. Active viruses are those that are in the process of replicating themselves, and latent viruses are those that are only active if the host’s immune system is suppressed or weakened.

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina is involved in the research and development of revolutionary antiviral treatments using RNA interference and dendritic cells. RNA interference or RNAi, is a method of treatment that suppresses certain proteins from being made by suppressing the genetic information that creates them. In essence, RNAi targets problem proteins before they are even created. Dendritic cells are the generals of the immune system. They tell where the body’s T cells and antibodies where to attack. Dr. Harrelson’s research is in creating immunotherapies that reprogram these dendritic cells to attack certain viral cells anywhere in the body. Harrelson believes that this treatment will be useable for any number of chronic viral diseases including Marburg, Ebola, Hantavirus, H5N1 bird flu strain, Lassa virus, Kyasanur Forest virus, and Bolivian hemorrhagic fever. None of these viral diseases have cures as of yet, and a vaccine for any of them, much less all of them, would save countless lives.

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina lives in Archdale. He founded the biopharmaceutical company White Oak Industries with his business partner Matt Kaufman. Since he took over as CEO, Dr. Harrelson has worked tirelessly to develop and eventually commercialize immunotherapies he believes will change the world. The continuing research has already produced favorable results, with the discovery of the use of RNAi and dendritic cells to control dangerous proteins and antigens the body wouldn’t normally control. Harrelson expects his treatments to be ready for full commercialization in a few short years. When that happens, these treatments designed by White Oak Industries will change how life-threatening viral infections are treated.

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina - Attacking “Bottlenecks”

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina heads a company called White Oak Industries. White Oak develops immunotherapies for deadly viral infections such as HIV, Ebola, Marburg virus, and more. Dr. Harrelson’s work primarily focuses on reprogramming an individual’s immune system to target specific viral cells everywhere in the individual’s body. This treatment avoids some of the bottlenecks that have prevented scientists and doctors from developing vaccines and effective treatments for some of the worst viral maladies in the human race. One of those bottlenecks is that viruses are tiny organisms that can conceal themselves from the penetration of typical vaccines. In other words, the virus can live in any tissue of the body. If the vaccine doesn’t reach the particular tissue where the virus resides, the virus will continue to thrive.

Another bottleneck that Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina has been working to fix is drug resistance. By using the body’s own immune system to destroy virus cells, this avoids the common problem that virologists run into. Viruses replicate themselves millions of times in a host. If this replication occurs when a drug treatment is present in the host’s system, mutations in the virus’s genetic material will resist the drug treatment. Soon these mutations will replace the original genetic material of the virus. Since there is no drug treatment in Dr. Harrelson’s immunotherapy, there is no risk of drug resistance in this treatment.

Anthony Harrelson of North Carolina hopes to commercialize his treatment so that more people around the world can find relief for their viral infections. He lives in Archdale.

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