Anthony Horbal

Expanding Seegrid Corporation’s Global Business Reach

About Anthony Horbal

Anthony Horbal serves as chief executive officer of Seegrid Corporation, a Pittsburgh-based manufacturer of automated guided vehicles. In his leadership role, he guides the company in its mission to provide robotic industrial trucks and automated vision-guided vehicles that enable efficient materials movement within distribution and manufacturing facilities. Since assuming responsibilities as chief executive officer, Anthony Horbal has emphasized a productive operational structure and spearheaded the introduction of Seegrid’s offerings to the global marketplace.

Mr. Horbal has extensive experience in the health care sector and previously maintained responsibilities as president of Three Rivers Health Plans, Inc., a company he founded. There, he achieved success in raising capital and ensuring that patients had access to quality medical treatments. After overseeing the company’s sale to United Health Plans, the experienced executive assumed responsibilities as president at Herc Management Services, LLC, where he oversaw investment in Seegrid.

As an undergraduate, Anthony Horbal attended the University of Pittsburgh. Earning a bachelor of arts, he later gained admittance to West Virginia University, from which he secured a master of business administration. Anthony Horbal’s educational background also includes the competition of a certificate in managed care from the University of Missouri.