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Anthony Jean-Claude on Earning a Private Pilot’s License

Maryland-based entrepreneur Anthony Jean-Claude spends his leisure time enjoying a wide range of activities, including boating in the Caribbean, traveling through parts of West Africa, and flying Cessna aircraft. We recently sat down with Anthony Jean-Claude to learn more about his love of aviation and the training required to earn a private pilot’s license.

Interviewer: Thanks for joining us Mr. Jean-Claude. What are some of the requirements to earn a private pilot’s license?

Anthony Jean-Claude: To begin with, you need to be at least 17 years old. However, pilots-in-training may begin at any age, even younger than 17. No upper-age limits exist to restrict the elderly from earning their flying licenses; however, fulfillment of all the necessary requirements does mean passing a physical examination. Individuals with minor or major physical disabilities may receive waivers to obtain their credentials upon demonstrating sufficient piloting skills.

Interviewer: Besides a physical exam, what else do pilots-in-training need to accomplish to earn their licenses?

Anthony Jean-Claude: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires 20 hours of dual flight time with an instructor and 20 hours of solo flying. On average, private pilots in the United States complete 57 hours of flight time before receiving their licenses. Prior to taking a flight check, pilot trainees must finish a written examination, often conducted through a formal ground school. In all, earning a private pilot’s license costs approximately $10,000 between ground school and flying lessons, so student pilots should budget accordingly.

Interviewer: What do you remember most about earning your pilot’s license?

Anthony Jean-Claude: I remember my first solo flight, meaning my first flight with no instructor present. At that moment, I finally experienced flying on my own. That sense of freedom only rose when I completed my license and could fly to any place with an airport that I wanted to visit.                            

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