Anthony Schembri Citrus County

Secretary at Department of juvenile justice

About Anthony Schembri

Over the last decade, Anthony Schembri, a resident of Citrus County, Florida, has made his mark on law enforcement in the Sunshine State. Mr. Schembri has served as Secretary for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and as a professor at the University of Florida. From 2008 until 2009, Anthony Schembri worked as the County Administrator and Director of Public Safety for Citrus County, Florida. He continues to commute between his Citrus County home and the University of Florida to teach classes and mentor students in the criminology program.

Anthony Schembri left New York for Florida at the request of Governor Jeb Bush. In 2004, Governor Bush appointed him to head the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Mr. Schembri served in this position for the next three years. As Secretary, he managed a budget of $730 million and oversaw the work of 11,000 employees. During his tenure at the Department, Florida’s juvenile crime rate fell by 18 percent.

Governor Bush praised Anthony Schembri for his effective leadership and ability to motivate others. When Mr. Schembri left the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice at the end of Jeb Bush’s governorship, he told reporters that his proudest accomplishments were reducing juvenile crime and restoring departmental morale. He moved back to Inverness in Citrus County, expecting to spend his time as an academic.

In 2008, Anthony Schembri returned to government, this time as County Administrator and Director of Public Safety for Citrus County. He worked under the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners to oversee the fire department as well as 9 other departments and 21 divisions of Citrus County government. While working for Citrus County, Mr. Schembri won the Distinguished Budget Award from the Government Financial Officers Association of the United States and Canada.

As the Sir Leon Radzinowicz Professor of Criminology, Criminal Law & Police Science at the University of Florida, Anthony Schembri draws on his years of law enforcement, legal, and international experience to inform the next generation of law makers and law enforcers. He has taught courses on police science, evidence, criminology, and criminal law. His students named him Outstanding Professor of the Year.

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