Anthony W Hawks

Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Amend America

About Anthony W Hawks

Anthony W. Hawks is a Washington, D.C.-area lawyer experienced in commercial litigation, government contracting, and constitutional law. His current interest is in constitutional reform, which he continues to explore as Vice-Chairman of Amend America and author of the blog Making Amends. Before beginning work as a lawyer and constitutional advocate, he graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. from Tufts University and continued at the Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy where he earned a masters degree in International Law and National Security. Anthony W. Hawks completed his law degree in 1984, graduating cum laude from the Georgetown University Law Center.

One of the most important assignments in his 27 years of practice was a 1986 case involving the Washington Post and the First Amendment. As an attorney at Thomas & Fiske, Mr. Hawks successfully represented the newspaper as it tried to secure court documents in an espionage case. By the time he joined the firm of Furr & Brownell in 1992, Anthony Wayne Hawks had developed specialties in commercial litigation involving trademark infringement, business fraud, and government contracting.

In 1996, Mr. Hawks leveraged his knowledge of the complex government procurement process to help create e-LYNXX Corporation, a print supply chain manager, marketer, and sales consultancy. President of e-LYNXX from 2005 to 2008, Mr. Hawks had executive oversight and developed the strategic plans for the company's three divisions. Anthony Wayne Hawks continues to work with e-LYNXX as its Chief Legal Officer and as the President of the firm’s patent-licensing division.

In 2010, Anthony Wayne Hawks co-founded a non-profit public policy institute to study and advocate for reform of the U.S. Constitution. This organization, Amend America, works to educate elected officials in Congress and the states on the amendment process established by Article V of the Constitution. In his Making Amends blog, Mr. Hawks urges states to consider using the convention process to propose a balanced budget veto amendment and highlights the ways in which Congress and the President have skirted the Constitution in recent years. To learn more about his work defending Article V and the Constitution, please visit 

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