America's Obesity ft. McDonalds

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McDonald's is tearing our nation apart, but shows our excellent graphic design skills

each point on the map represents the location of a center of destruction
The red line draws your attention to these evil masterminds
The color of the letters lures children inside unaware of the outcomes
The golden shade of the fries create an unrealistic idea of how potatoes should look
The shape of the McDonald's arch is known everywhere
The form of each chicken nugget naturally similar is an absolutely absurd concept
Ronald McDonald takes up a large space, showing his importance and precedence in today's society
Phony pictures of the texture of food lures in hungry Americans until they receive their garbage in a bag
This balanced picture shows the compares and contrasts Junk food and criminals
This are emphasizes the issue of America's obesity and identifies a cause
These burgers contrast the size of burgers and their unnecessary size and fat
The regularly occurring red lights in this picture show McDonald's rhythm of serving unhealthy foods
Burgers are unproportional. Americans do not need to consume that much food
People of all types come together to join in having their helath destroyed by McDonalds
America glorifies their burgers in a simple view utilizing the design principle of economy
This burger shows the perfect roundness of a hamburger using radial symmetry that McDonalds cannot achieve
This reverse picture shows the disgusting reality of what you are feeding your children
This pictograph is a sad representation of America's intelligence and ability to read a menu
This entire project was made to show the symbolism of McDonald's evil tendencies and urge you not to eat there

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