Antique Adventures

          For my digital photography class I was asked to photograph a subject that I found interesting and inspiring. I immediately envisioned the cute little antique store right down the road and how perfect it could be.  I thought it was deep that these simple items had so much history behind them, and I tried to capture every one of their stories in each shot.

Two little gold birds wear their age very well giving this pair an older feel.

The intensity of the red can against the dark background and wood give this picture a very rustic feel.

This cute little kitten is one of my favorites. I'm obsessed with her little flower collar!

This deer bowl perfectly shows a beautiful range of color, and really stands out against the rough texture of the wooden shelf

This chipped and crackled kitty reflects the light like a pro, and the cats in the back add repetition with a pop of color.

This little school girl is clearly a teachers pet. The vibrancy of her dress, and her contrasting background really help her stand out.

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2 years ago

My favorite shot of yours is the deer bowl on the rustic shelf-it is very striking! Well done on all of them though. @natstanz

2 years ago

@rachelmilk123 Wow thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed them!!