NCGP Product

By: Nicole Aguerriberry

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner.(physical, emotional, verbal, mental & sexual)

Interview Questions

    1. How were you a victim of domestic violence?

    2. What kind of abuse were you a victim of? Verbal? Physical?

    3. Did he or she threaten to harm anything/anyone other than you?

    4. What was your relationship with the abuser?

    5. When did you get into a relationship with the abuser?

    6. How did you meet him/her?

    7. Were there any signs that there would be abuse in the relationship?

    8. How long did it take you to realize that you were being abused?

    9. What set the abuser off?

    10. Why didn’t you leave when you realized you were a victim of abuse?

    11. How did he/she abuse you?

    12. How did it make you feel?

    13. Did anyone notice that you were acting different?

    14. Did you tell anyone that you were being abused?

    15. How did your friends/family react when they found out?

    16. What made you decide to get out of the abusive relationship?

    17. How did you get out of the relationship?

    18. If you left, where did you go?

    19. How did you feel when you were out of the relationship?

    20. Would you go back and change anything if you could?

    21. Did you ever think about notifying the police?

My product included a clothing drive. When doing the clothing drive, I collected over 200 items of clothing and donated it to My Sister's House, which is a shelter for victims of family violence. Along with the clothing drive, I did an interview with a victim of domestic violence which you can access above. I think my product was a very big success.

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