Introduction to Nearpod

               Fall 2014

Session Agenda

  • What is Nearpod?
  • Student Experience
  • Teacher Experience
  • Reports
  • Create Nearpod Account
  • Free Lessons

Get Started with Nearpod

As a Student

  • Visit or open the Nearpod app on a mobile device (available on IOS, Windows and Android devices and as a mobile web app).
  • Type the access code in the "Join Session" box. This code will be given by the teacher.(Students do not need individual login for Nearpod).
  • You are now in the live session. The free version only operates in "teacher-led" mode.
  • Available activities: polls, quizzes, "draw-its," and short answer.

As a Teacher

  • Visit the Nearpod site to create an account.
  • Browse the free lessons in the gallery.
  • See examples of reports here.
  • Be sure to use the website when creating a presentation.
  • Upload a Power Point and add interactive activities.

Additional Resources

Nearpod Intro Video

Lisa Gingras-Massengale
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