Color Blindness Report

The colorblind disease is a disease that makes people not be able to see green, red,blue,or mixed colors. The colors red and green are the most affected. Blue and yellow are less affected. People see neutral or gray having the disease. Achromatopsia are called people that are really color blind. It will affect both eyes if its inherited or it will affect only one eye if the cause was injury or illness. Color deficiency is caused by a common x-linked.

If the male has the color blind disease and the female doesn’t then it’s possible that their daughter will have the disease. Their daughter will have 50% of the disease and it’s possible that she could pass it to her kids. Females need two copies of the genes to get the disease. Their male will only get the disease from his mother. Males only need one copy to be color blind.

Males are the most affected with the disease. The genes for red and green are located on the x chromosome. About 8% off all males are colorblind only 0.5% of all females are color blind. Males are most affected because the genes for green and red are in the x chromosome. Females have two and one of the two chromosome can make it like a normal color vision.

John Dalton discovered color blindness in 1766 to 1844. He was just 12 years old. He discovered it by buying his mother a set of racy underwears as her present in her birthday. When he was 26 he brought a pair of stockings and he didn’t realize they were scarlet. I chosed the disease because a man from our family is blind and it’s kind of the same because if we damage too much our eye we could become blindness.

What It's like to be color blind?

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